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What Is Stay Safe Card?

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Is There A Classic Stay Safe Card For My Food Allergies?

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Why Do I Need Stay Safe Cards?

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How Much Do Stay Safe Cards Cost?

Where Can I Buy Stay Safe Cards?

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Can My Stay Safe Cards Be Translated?

How Do You Translate Stay Safe Cards?

Can I Use Mobile Stay Safe Cards On My Phone or Device?

Is There a Stay Safe Cards App For My Phone?

What Can I Do If I Forget To Take My Stay Safe Cards With Me?

How Can I Easily Access My Mobile Stay Safe Card?

What Is Stay Safe Card?

Stay Safe Cards are index card-sized laminated cards that provide an allergy warning message. 9 different “classic cards” are available for the most common food allergies. For sufferers with less common food allergies or multiple food allergies, Stay Safe Cards can be personalized with custom text. On the back of the cards, a translation in one of over 30 languages is available or it can be used as extra space for more information. The cards are designed to be given to waitstaff when ordering so that they have the information needed to make a safe meal. A mobile version of Stay Safe Cards™ that work with Smartphones is available when diners don’t have a physical card handy.