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NOTE: We are in NO WAY affiliated with SAFECARD LLC. We are NOT telemarketers and we do NOT robo-call customers.

Stay Safe Card sells Allergy Awareness Cards for children and adults to use at restaurants. 

Stay Safe Card™

Now it's easy to stay safe when dining out!

Our laminated allergy awareness cards help you communicate your serious food allergies to the waitstaff at restaurants. Our cards are colorful and the text is printed in bold type so that waiters, server and cooks all pay attention to your card and understand the urgency of your allergies. 

We are a family owned small business based in Huntington, NY. Our family has also been affected by food allergies. Going out to eat was always difficult until we discovered restaurant allergy awareness cards. We've seen first hand the convenience of allergy awareness cards and how much waiters and cooks love them. Whether eating locally at a diner or at a restaurant in Europe or Asia, allergy warning cards are always extremely useful.

With Stay Safe Card™ we wanted to make the best possible allergy awareness cards for our customers. We have classic allergy cards that cover the 9 most common types of food allergies. If you have more than one food allergy or uncommon allergies you can create a custom card. All our cards come with a translation on the back. You can choose from over 30 languages.